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5 Ways Zevo's Safe & Powerful Bug Spray Will Change Your Life

Traditional bug control sprays have always left us wanting better options. Instead of sacrificing peace of mind for efficacy, you can get powerful and safe insect protection in your home with our suite of revolutionary Zevo bug sprays.* By providing worry-free products that actually work, we’re changing the way the world sees pest control products. In fact, we believe Zevo is the best pest control option for homes. Learn five ways our insect sprays will change your life below!

1. Say "goodbye" to unwanted ingredients.

Unlike other insect control brands, Zevo uses ingredients you can feel good about. Our crawling insect, stinging insect and fly sprays use powerful essential oils to target nervous system receptors only active in insects – not people or pets. That means you can feel good using Zevo in your home, around your loved ones.

2. Zevo sprays are powerful and effective.

When some people hear “essential oils,” they think of methods that aren’t effective. But, our proprietary formula has been lab tested to work fast. Zevo uses naturally derived organic ingredients, and eliminates household pests on contact. Just spray on the desired pest, then wipe away any remaining residue!

3. Zevo sprays can be stored anywhere.

No longer must your insect control products be banished to the garage or utility closet. Since we use essential oils and other familiar ingredients to eliminate bugs, you can store Zevo anywhere in your home. Feel free to keep our recyclable aerosol cans wherever you may need them!

4. Zevo Stinging Bug Spray can spray up to 15 feet.

Worried about hornets or yellow jackets around your home? Not with Zevo. You can easily spray Zevo stinging bug spray from up to 15 feet away with our strong, targeted stream. It will eliminate those pesky stinging insects and their nests! Those stinging insects will be paralyzed quickly, so you can go back to what matters most.

5. Zevo sprays works together with Zevo traps.

Zevo home bug sprays are great for killing unwanted pests in your home. Pair them with Zevo Flying Insect Traps for whole home protection you can trust. Our traps use multi-spectrum light technology and a body heat attractant that mimic nature’s most primal powers of attraction for bugs. Flying insects are then trapped in a super-sticky adhesive backing you never have to touch! While our bug sprays act as your sword, Zevo traps provide on-going defense around your home.

At Zevo, we believe household pest control has needed a makeover for years. That’s why we’re so excited about our revolutionary products. With friendly and powerful ingredients, Zevo will change the way you deal with bugs forever.

*When used as directed. See package label.

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