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Help Protect Your Babies and Pets from Spiders, Flies, Hornets and Other Bugs

For those with kiddos, cats or dogs, finding effective and friendly indoor home bug control solutions can be a challenge. Have you read the warning labels on some home mosquito traps and bug sprays? The ingredients list, sticky messes and strong odors can feel like you’re trading one problem for another.

But there's no need to bug out! At Zevo, we believe that you deserve a life without these trade-offs, so you can focus on the things that really matter. With Zevo’s solutions, you can get home bug control you can trust around the ones you love.

Zevo Home Bug Sprays

Zevo’s suite of household insect sprays control crawling, flying and stinging insects on contact, and are safe to use around people and pets.* Our bio-science formulas quickly paralyze and kill bugs by targeting nervous system receptors only active in insects. This smart science uses nature instead of imiprothrin or cypermethrin (common neurotoxins used in other insecticide products). Once paralyzed, the bugs die in seconds, so you can get back to your life.

Zevo Flying Insect Trap

If Zevo bug sprays are your sword, the Zevo Flying Insect Trap is your shield. It acts as an on-guard sentinel in your home to catch flying insects that keep buzzing around. Just like our sprays, Zevo traps use an insect’s natural instincts against them to continuously attract and trap flying insects from any room inside your house. Lured by a powerful light spectrum bio-attractant and heat, they fly into the openings of the cartridge and get stuck on the powerful adhesive pad inside.

The Perfect Team

Zevo insect sprays and traps work together to strengthen your bug-fighting power. Now, you can rest easy knowing you don't have to use funky stuff to help protect your two- and four-legged family members at home.

*When used as directed. See package label. Avoid spraying near birds, reptiles or fish.

Multi Insect Spray and Lemongrass