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How to Use Zevo Flying Insect Trap

It takes four simple steps to start eliminating flying insects in your home.

Remove refill from trap.

Peel off backing in a continuous motion where it says, "PULL HERE" and discard.

Replace refill into trap by sliding into position.

Plug the trap into an indoor electrical outlet. For best performance, keep plugged in.

Trap rotates 90° for your convenience. To rotate the plug, hold the front of the unit upright in one hand, grasp both metal plug blades in the other hand and rotate these blades about the center of the plug to which the blades are mounted.

Common Areas to Use Zevo Flying Insect Trap


Near trash cans, fruit bowls or near doorways that lead to the exterior of the home.


Near trash cans or near doorways to capture flying insects before they enter your home.

Living Spaces

Near entryways into the home to capture the flies, fruit flies & gnats that follow you in.


Near toilet bowls, trash cans, or drains to capture drain flies.

Basements and Laundry Rooms

Near drains, pipes, or windows to eliminate flying insects that get in.

Where Should You Use the Zevo Trap in Your Home?

We designed Zevo to be used in rooms where flying insects enter and where they gather - including garages, covered patios, kitchens, and entryways. You can confidently use the Zevo trap in any room because it is mess and odor free. The key to successfully eliminating flying insects is to a place the Zevo trap in an outlet that is close to where you are having the flying insect problem. We recommend using it in outlets near fruits/vegetables bowls, house plants, trash cans, toilet bowls and litter boxes for best results. If you can't see your trap, insects can't either. So avoid placing it in hidden areas (like behind your TV).