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Zevo Products: On-Body Aerosol Spray, On-Body Pump Spray, Multi-Insect Spray, Fly Gnat Fruit Fly Spray, Ant Roach Spider Spray, and Zevo Insect Trap
Zevo Multi-Insect Killer Spray

Zevo Sprays

Improved formula kills on contact and cleans up what bugs leave behind. Safe for use around People & Pets when used as directed.

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Zevo Trap

Blue & UV light continuously attracts and traps insects to an adhesive back you never have to touch.

Keep Zevo plugged in 24/7 to protect your home day and night from pesky flying insects.

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Zevo Trap Back With Trapped Flies Zevo Trap Front
Zevo On Body Products

Zevo On-Body

The lightweight, not sticky formula feels good on your skin and it's odorless, so you don't bring the smell of bug spray with you as you explore the outdoors.

Up to 8 hours of protection against mosquitoes and ticks.

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