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From mosquitoes and ticks.

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Zevo On Body Products

Relax, Zevo's Got You!

Zevo provides up to 8 hour odorless, non-sticky, feel good protection from mosquitoes and ticks for the entire family.

Four Women Doing Yoga In A Grass Field.

Protection for the Entire Family

Zevo On-Body Insect Repellent Spray Being Applied to an Arm.
On Your Body

Apply liberally and evenly
over dry exposed skin

Woman Applying Zevo On-Body Insect Repellent Lotion on her Face.
On Your Face

Apply to the palm of your hand,
then to your face

Mother Applying Zevo On-Body Insect Repellent Lotion onto a child.
On Your Kids

Apply on your hands,
then to your child's skin

Real Results

Watch how Zevo On-Body works fast to protect you from mosquitoes.

IR3535® is inspired from a naturally occurring amino acid which is easy on you, and tough on mosquitoes and ticks.

Always Leave Protected

Before you run out the door, apply Zevo and stay protected for up to 8 hours.

Girl Walking Dog in a Park Setting.
Explore the Outdoors

In the woods or out and about, stay
protected from mosquitoes & ticks.

Father and Son Playing Baseball.
Playtime Protection

Spray and then play, don't let those pesky
insects ruin your fun.

Family and Friends Sitting at an Outside Table while one person plays guitar.
Bug-Free Hang Outs

Gather around with family and friends
outdoors without the worry.