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How traps work

Flying insects love light.

Especially UV lights and light
from shorter wavelengths.

Zevo uses a special blue and UV light system

Appeals to bugs' unique biology to effectively attract and trap flying insects.

Snap & Shine

Once a disposable cartridge is inserted and the trap is plugged in, the blue and UV lights create a blue glow.

Here Come the Bugs

The blue glow will attract the gnats, house flies and fruit flies in your home.

Trap & Toss

Insects will get stuck on the cartridge's strong adhesive pad, which you can easily remove and dispose of when you're ready.

Graspable Tab

Easy in, easy out.

Sleek Design

Keeps ugly insects out of view.

Compact Size

Premium look and feel.

Refill Insert

Acts as on/off switch for Zevo's light.

Powerful Adhesive Pad

23 in2 of open glue sheet.

Blue & UV Light System

It glows. Bugs go.

Rotating Plug

Conforms to your outlet.

Real Results

So. Many. Bugs.

Spots like garages and conservatories are popular hangouts for insects.

Keep One in the Kitchen

Bugs have an appetite for light. Feed it.

Bugs Big and Small

Trap a variety of flying insects.


Tag us in your trap photos and videos.

Trap Bugs the
worry-free way