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How To Use Zevo Insect Killer3 Spray

Zevo's bug killer sprays are both safe* and effective. Plus, they're easy to use! Simply follow the steps below and you'll be on your way to a less buggy home.

1. Spray directly on bugs

2. Wipe residue away after use

3. Enjoy bug-free living

Trigger Spray

Rotate the nozzle to the wide or narrow spray setting to reach bugs wherever they are.

Aerosol Spray

Hold product upright with nozzle directed away from face. Use pointer finger to press down firmly to spray.

Stinging Spray

This product sprays up to 15 feet so you can stand a safe distance from stinging insects and their nests.


DO spray directly on ants, roaches, wasps, hornets, spiders, flies, gnats and more.
DO store in a convenient place*, so it’s always ready to use in indoor and outdoor living areas.  
DO wait for flying insects to land before spraying. 
DO wipe up surface after use, until no longer slippery.

*out of reach of children


DON'T wait to take action! Use Zevo at the 1st sign of a bug problem to keep one small intruder from becoming a big problem later.  
DON’T spray directly on people, animals, plants, or food preparation surfaces.
DON’T spray on soft surfaces such as rugs, carpet, cloth or leather furniture, pillows, bedding, or curtains.
DON’T ingest or inhale, use around heat, sparks, grills or open flames, or use if the bottle has been punctured.