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#1 Powered Flying Insect Trap*

24/7 continuous attraction with light only

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*based on 2023 Total US Nielsen sales data

Zevo Trap Package

Worry-Free Pest Control

Women inserting Zevo Trap Cartridge Into Trap in a kitchen setting.
24/7 Continuous Attraction

Remove sheet from adhesive backing,
insert disposable cartridge and plug trap
into locations where bugs frequent
(kitchens, near doors, garbage cans, and
fruit bowls).

Zevo Trap Plugged into wall outlet.
Blue & UV Light

Specially designed blue & UV LEDs attract
and trap flying insects such as houseflies,
fruit flies, and gnats.

Women Tossing out used Zevo Trap Cartridge.
No Odor, No Mess

When full, lift cartridge by the no-mess tab
and toss it in the garbage. For best results
check trap every 15 days.

No-Mess Tab

Keep fingers clean. Take out the insert to dispose and refill

Sleek Curved Design

Keeps insects out of view

Compact Size

Effective size & seamlessly fits into your home

Zevo Trap Front
Zevo Trap Front
Refillable Insert

Refillable Sticky Cartridge traps bugs & is easily disposed

Blue & UV Light

Attracts the flying insects in your home with light only

Rotating Plug

Conforms to your outlet


Real Results

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Used Zevo Trap insert with many trapped insects.
So. Many. Bugs.

The garage is a popular hangout spot.

Used Zevo Trap insert with stuck insects.
Keep in the Kitchen

Bugs have an appetite for light. Feed it.

Used Zevo Trap Insert with large and small trapped flying insects.
Bugs Big & Small

Trap a variety of flying insects.

Zevo Trap In Use near flying insects and two plants.

Use Where The Bugs Are

The best places to place your Zevo flying insect trap include: the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and garage.

Your Zevo Flying Insect Trap will work day & night to help protect your family from pesky insects.

A Trap In Every Room

Confidently use the Zevo trap in any room because it is mess and odor free. The key to successfully eliminating flying insects is to place the trap in an outlet close to the problem.

We recommend using it in outlets near fruit bowls, house plants, trash cans, and toilet bowls for the best results. Avoid placing the trap in hidden areas because if you can't see it, insects can't either.

Household Room Layout Diagram.
Do Place:

in visible outlets near common insect areas

in kitchens, garages, covered porches, entryways, and more

in moderate sized rooms or use multiple devices in large rooms


directly next to a window or door on the same wall

near computers, TVs, or behind furniture and other obstructions

near lights that are left on overnight or for long periods of time