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Meet Zevo:
The Bug Control Brand Created for You

Bugs are super smart. Like really, really, really smart. For decades humans have tried to outsmart them using whatever means necessary (even if that means using not so fun ingredients). We realized you need an even smarter solution to defeat a smart enemy. That’s why we gathered some of the most innovative scientists and entomologists on Earth to develop a new, revolutionary line of insect control products. These folks figured out a way to use science, nature, and bugs’ own evolution against them.

The result?
Bug control products you can feel good about using in your home, made without traditional pyrethroids or chemical insecticides.

Zevo's BioSelective™ Technology

How do we do it? Our proprietary BioSelective™ Technology means you don’t have to worry about the bugs – or the method you use to control them. Our crazy smart bug scientists created this powerful technology to target unique biological vulnerabilities found in ALL bugs, not people and pets – and put that control in your hands. In Zevo insect sprays, we use essential oils to target nerve receptors vital to bugs. In our flying insect traps, we target flying insects’ natural attraction to certain light spectrums, luring and trapping them while you go about your day. You can learn more about Zevo’s BioSelective™ Technology here.

The History of Zevo

Zevo began as a small online project dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about bug control. We must have struck a chord! Thanks to fans like you, we’ve expanded our business and now can be found in most Target and Home Depot stores across the country. In the future, we hope to continue to expand and bring even more products into your homes.

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This is my second order refill. I love the scent and very safe around my two dogs and us.
Thank you



We bought Zevo and it works great. It works better than exterminators.

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